Word Of Mouth Marketing for Metaphysical Practitioners – Three Simple Strategies Will Guarantee Success

By now everyone on earth knows what word of mouth marketing is.

And since we all know the reverse side of the 80/20 principle, that twenty percent of everything we do is likely to generate eighty percent of our profits, shouldn’t that apply to word of mouth marketing too?

Word of Mouth Marketing For Metaphysical PractitionersHere are three word of mouth strategies that will increase your profits by eighty percent.

The first and simplest strategy is to make it clear to everyone that you are interested in new business. I know that sounds silly since everyone is looking for new business. But think about how much effort you put into letting potential clients know how successful and how busy doing stuff you are.

When you give people the impression you are too busy to call them right back, too successful to work on small deals, or so in-demand you can’t be bothered to do a little work – you are transmitting the opposite of what you should be broadcasting.

Create a strategy that makes it clear to one and all that, while you are really successful, you are open to new business. In fact when something or someone comes along that interests you or someone that you can help, you will jump on the opportunity to do so.

Second, you must teach your customers – your entire network for that matter, about the full range of your services. I bet your clients really only know what you did for them. When they know all the services you provide they are much more likely to know people who can benefit by what you do.

The truth is most of your customers are buying from you because they like you. They are happy to tell their friends about you and do so whenever the opportunity arises. When they know the full scope of your services there will be exponentially more people for them to tell.

When it comes to implementing these first two strategies, consider a newsletter with examples of all that you do or a blog that highlights your services and rave reviews from clients that received them. Let the community at large know of your broader expertise and offer individual marketing messages for each of your services.

Imagine how much new business you will get from you current clients and by referrals in your target market now that everyone already doing business with you knows the full story!

If your clients, prospects, or referral sources tell you, “I didn’t know you did that” in response to a service that you share, you need to be much more proactive in telling everyone about exactly what you offer.

For example, I was recently consulting with a client who needed to make some changes to her blog. The level of work necessary was greater than what could be accomplished quickly with her level of knowledge. I recommended she contact a personal friend of mine who is a well known marketing expert with extensive blog optimization skills, and discovered that my friend has invested enough of her message teaching others that she is a marketing speaker, that the others in our network had NO IDEA that she was a blog expert or even provided that service.

And you need to tell them regularly. It’s not their job to remember six months from now what you said you do. It’s your job to make sure 6 months doesn’t go by without some sort of reminder of your benefits to them and their friends.

The third and by far the most leveragability word of mouth marketing strategies employ is making the most of your professional relationships.

One way is to make partners out of your competitors – the other people who do what you do. Making them partners is more effective than trying to battle against them.

Let’s say that you have specialized industry or professional knowledge. You are an expert. Why not encourage those competitors of yours who are not experts in your particular specialty to refer clients to you on a split fee or commission basis?

It’s a great deal for them since they are offering value beyond their own expertise, you are doing the work and they are getting part of the money. It’s a great deal for you because you do not have to invest marketing dollars to get the business. And it’s a great deal for the client since they are getting the best of what they are looking for.

On the other hand if you are the newbie and someone else is the expert – the referral and the commission split is reversed. Either way the client benefits. You save time, make more money, and are seen by all as being more professional. This can be a very profitable two way street!

Be sure to invest the time to learn the strengths of your competitors and make sure they know yours. The more you know about the value your peers offer and vice versa the more effectively you can collaborate with them for the benefit of your mutual clients.

Segmented Small Business Marketing – Anyone With Skin

So small business marketing is going to change…I promise. People are too busy to take time to read your email or get your free white paper or even try a free product unless it is appropriate to them and their lives.

Segmented Small Business MarketingThe reason I thought of this is a cute tagline that one of our direct sales friends uses (she works for that nice pink company that sells cosmetics). When asked who is her perfect customer, she replies, “anyone with skin”.

Now that is really cute and of course encompasses every living human in existence, but is it true? Let’s break it down….

First off…selling cosmetics to men is a stretch. I have a feeling that if men’s products are sold, they are bought by woman for her husband or significant other. I cannot imagine my six foot six, midwestern raised, practical husband attending a party to sell makeup. So let’s agree that her target market is women with skin.

Second off, there are plenty of women in this world who do not wear makeup or consider it to be a priority. They schlepp around with a bare face and are perfectly happy with their look. Now, could our friend try to convert their entire world view and get them to spontaneously change over to a world of mascara and blush…sure, but why try? So let’s agree that her target market is women with skin, who wear makeup.

Thirdly, there are lots of women who cannot (or choose not to) afford to buy fancy makeup. There are plenty of makeup brands in the drugstore that can make her look presentable for a lot less money than the upscale, beautiful brand she sells. While the quality may not be as good, it is still usable so…let’s agree that her target market is women with skin, who wear makeup and who value a quality makeup product.

Okay, now let’s look at geography. I love the concept that you can sell globally BUT why don’t we be a little practical here. The chances that she is going to know someone, get them to buy, sell and ship to Paris are slim. Generally, she should target her local geographic market (Denver), then after she has saturated that, move onto Boulder, Fort Collins and Colorado Springs. So for now let’s say her target market is women with skin, who wear makeup and value a quality makeup product and live in the Denver Metro area.

WOW – that is probably a lot more manageable group than the entire human population alive today. We could go even further and think that demographically, young women generally have less disposable income to spend on makeup moving the line to say 30 plus in age. Older women DO care about their looks, but may not have the disposable income to purchase makeup so let’s top it off at 60 years of age.

Women living in poverty cannot afford to purchase higher end makeup so let’s make the annual household income start at about 40 thousand a year. Women who are incredibly wealthy may use makeup from Dior or Bobby Brown, so let’s cap that at about 100 thousand a year annual income.

Using Segmented Small Business Marketing

We are looking for women, between 30 and 60, with an annual household income of 40-100K, who like makeup and live in Denver. Checking the Facebook ad stats, that equates to about 72,540 women (there was no info about household income in the facebook).

To give you an idea, to start we went with everyone over 13 in the US (167,554,700), choosing women took it down to 90,257,540, ade 30-60 got us to 63,237,680, going to Denver and 25 miles around got us to 672,260, and by segmenting with beauty keywords we reached 72,540.

So, if our lady could sell just $100 worth of makeup each year to a quarter of those women, her net sales a year would be $1,813,500. That does not take into account the ladies who do not use Facebook or who do not self identify as liking makeup, fashion, beauty, mary kay, avon, in style magazine, cosmo and vogue.

So how does this relate to your small business marketing? Break down realistically who your target market is today. NOT who you wish your target market is when you get big, who you could effectively sell to TODAY. Then spend 6 months targeting them where they live, work and shop.

I guarantee that you bottom line will be MUCH better than you ever thought possible!

Business Services Marketing – Uncovering Your “Key Selling Point”

Doing professional and business services marketing can be a real pain. All those people selling products that you feel and see have no idea the challenges of selling a service or a concept. Luckily, there are a few ways we services folks can make a real difference in our marketing success.

Business Services Marketing – Uncovering Your “Key Selling Point”

Business Services Marketing - Uncovering Your “Key Selling Point”The following are concrete ways that you can identify and target your ideal customer.

How well do you know your customers?

What is the primary reason your customers or clients come to you? Or purchase your product or service? What is the Number One problem you solve for them? Do you know? Are you certain? If you don’t, your marketing could be missing the mark, and you could be missing out on sales.

Uncovering Your “Key Selling Point”

This is the Single Marketing Message that is the central message in all of your communications about your business, product or service. It can be difficult for small business owners to determine what their single marketing message should be. Why? Because they are too close to their business. And, because they are viewing their business from their side of the desk.

Keeping your marketing customer-focused can be a challenge.

Even if we know we should be looking at our business from our customers’ perspective, it’s often easier said than done. As a result, it is easy to get caught up in all the amazing features of our product or service and the reasons we THINK our clients are attracted or are buying.

But sometimes our vantage point is clouded by our own perceptions and beliefs. And those perceptions and beliefs may be inaccurate. So how do you pinpoint the real reason customers are attracted to your product or service and the true reasons they are choosing to buy?

There is an easy way to stay on track.

Very simply, YOU ASK THEM! Okay, I know it seems obvious, but you’d be surprised how often we don’t think of the obvious.

Real Estate Marketing – Buyers, Sellers or Both?

Real estate marketing is a varied and diverse challenge (just like ALL aspects of real estate sales!) Here are some real estate marketing ideas for prospecting buyers and sellers.

Real Estate Marketing Overview

Real Estate Marketing - Buyers, Sellers or BothOne of the hardest things about marketing for Realtors is that there are two distinct types of clients you are prospecting for, buyers and sellers. I have to say that the old adage really holds true, Buyers buy houses and sellers buy marketing. With this in mind, prospecting for sellers involves a totally different skill set than prospecting for buyers, let’s look at some different marketing ideas.

Marketing For Buyers

These guys are SUPER easy to market for! They are floating around looking for houses to buy and as long as you have some inventory (yours or borrowed from another agent) you can get them. Here are some great types of marketing for buyers:

  • Open houses – I KNOW, you think that open houses are stupid. You have done a couple and no one came. What I recommend is to do two a week for a year and then check back and see how many opportunities came from them! Buyers are VERY likely to go to open houses and they are great because you generally get uninterrupted time to talk with them. PLUS you can use a signup sheet to get them to give you their contact info!
  • Your MLS listing – Huh? How can this be a marketing tactic? The MLS, Zillow and Realtor.com are just databases and so having great distinctive text that buyers are interested in when they do searches is a powerful tool! If you like working with Short Sale buyers or investors, make sure you are using words like short sale and foreclosure in your property description. Want luxury buyers, make sure to use terms that they search for (not just checking the box that says waterfront or in ground pool).
  • Craiglist – This site is great for finding buyers. Have a great picture and an AMAZING (keyworded) description and buyers will be willing to give you a call or pop on over to your website!

Marketing for Sellers

I think you are going to be surprised by a couple of these, but the old days are gone and you need to embrace both technology and in-person networking.

  • Open Houses – I KNOW, I just said this for buyers, how can they be good for sellers too? Well, most agents are at an open house are buyer agents. They are sad when the “nosy neighbors” show up and just kind of ignore them. Well, I am here to tell you, they are not nosy neighbors, they are potential SELLERS! Most people are too busy to just pop into all the open houses in their neighborhood, so they have at least a possibility of being there to “interview” potential agents.
  • In Person Networking – This is the Chamber of Commerce, Meetups and mixers approach. Getting out there with people and letting them know that you are in the real estate business can lead to LOTS of listings. Make sure you are networking where you want to list and in the price range you are targeting (don’t go to the free networking events if you are a luxury agent and skip the fundraising dinners if you are in the first time homeowner range).
  • Social Media – I have talked to more than one agent who gets MOST of their business from Facebook. They spend time like and listening to their friends, noting when someone talks about new baby or job transfer. These are all people who will be looking to move up, down or somewhere and are great listing prospects.

OF COURSE there are a million different things you can do to make your real estate marketing efforts successful BUT to make things SUPER easy for you. Pick SOMETHING that you are going to do and commit to it whole heartedly for a good amount of time (a year, 6 months).

If you are going to do open houses, do two a week for a year. Going to networking, two a week for a year. Social media, plan on at least an hour or so a day. Honestly, anything that you like to do and do consistently will help you meet your real estate marketing goals!