Word Of Mouth Marketing for Metaphysical Practitioners – Three Simple Strategies Will Guarantee Success

Word of Mouth Marketing For Metaphysical Practitioners

By now everyone on earth knows what word of mouth marketing is. And since we all know the reverse side of the 80/20 principle, that twenty percent of everything we do is likely to generate eighty percent of our profits, shouldn’t that apply to word of mouth marketing too? Here are three word of mouth […]

Segmented Small Business Marketing – Anyone With Skin

Segmented Small Business Marketing

So small business marketing is going to change…I promise. People are too busy to take time to read your email or get your free white paper or even try a free product unless it is appropriate to them and their lives. The reason I thought of this is a cute tagline that one of our […]

Business Services Marketing – Uncovering Your “Key Selling Point”

Business Services Marketing - Uncovering Your “Key Selling Point”

Doing professional and business services marketing can be a real pain. All those people selling products that you feel and see have no idea the challenges of selling a service or a concept. Luckily, there are a few ways we services folks can make a real difference in our marketing success. Business Services Marketing – […]

Real Estate Marketing – Buyers, Sellers or Both?

Real Estate Marketing - Buyers, Sellers or Both

Real estate marketing is a varied and diverse challenge (just like ALL aspects of real estate sales!) Here are some real estate marketing ideas for prospecting buyers and sellers. Real Estate Marketing Overview One of the hardest things about marketing for Realtors is that there are two distinct types of clients you are prospecting for, […]

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