The Best Darn Free Email Marketing Course EVER!

The Best Darn Email Marketing Course Ever Banner

We (the Marketing and Media Monsters) were sitting around the other day talking about our peeps and what they needed to help with their lead generation and prospecting campaigns. We thought of a bunch of different things but then thought, well what if we ask people like YOU! Not marketing pros, just regular biz people who need to know how to do email marketing. Here is what they said (in no particular order):

  • How to measure what is a good return, actual campaign case studies that show, x was done, x was viewed, x responded and x dollars were earned.
  • Conversion tactics, analysis and optimization.
  • How to brainstorm for writing content?
  • Making the emails mobile friendly.
  • What’s next part… we recently learned that you can’t ping a cold lead once and expect great returns. How do you combine an email campaign with other campaign tools to develop a lead relationship?
  • Effective responses to use on social media or email inquiries received from prospective customers.
  • How to set up those “Opt In” icons on our websites.
  • I don’t know how to set it up (template, system, etc).
  • How on earth does a busy business person make quality videos for campaigns?? Is there a “right” way to edit it? How do I write the script for best impact. There are so many things we need to consider and it just seems so daunting!
  • Trial closes or quick close tips
  • Where do you get your email addresses?
  • Promoting your own event
  • Its always about the traffic (building your list)
  • Unique selling proposition with a call to action.
  • Perhaps how to write a good subject line for your emails so they can be opened.
  • Body language in your video.

Our response was, “so is there a feeling that you need an OVERALL how to do it and then to know the actual technical way to make it happen?” To which there was an overwhelming, HECK YEAH! chorus of yesses!

So, coming your way is the Best Darn Free Email Marketing Course EVER! This week long email course will cover…

  • Day One – Getting Started On The Right Track
  • Day Two – Developing The Content of Your Email Campaign
  • Day Three – How To Write A Sales Page That Sells
  • Day Four – The Technical Details of Setting Up Your Campaign
  • Day Five – How To Do A Soft Launch And Get The Bugs Out
  • Day Six – How To Sell Your “Free Stuff” To Grow A List
  • Day Seven – Our Top Email Marketing Tips

Basically this will take you through the process of setting up an email marketing campaign, soup to nuts!

Why is this this offer free? Is it worth my time?

The best free email marketing class everThose are great questions! This is a TOP NOTCH email marketing course that covers real world, up-to-date concepts. It is not a rehashed re-sell of old bad ideas! The Marketing and Media Monsters made this free email marketing course just for their “peeps” to try and combat some of the bad info out there.

Do I have to be a marketing whiz to understand this?

Nope! This course is designed for non-marketing whizzes.

Is it a sales pitch?

No way! It is full of content that you can use without paying us a dime. Now, there are offers in there because we are showing YOU how to sell your “stuff” so it would be weird not to have offers. BUT, you can ABSOLUTELY complete the course without buying one thing!

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