MLM Customer Service Selling – Cheryl Bokros and Heritage Makers Case Study

MLM Customer Service Selling - Cheryl Bokros and Heritage MakersThere has been A LOT of talk lately about customer service selling and how treating people well increases the chance of making the sale and retaining customers you already have. Today I want to talk about an amazing case study that shows this tactic perfectly!

The Back Story

So first off you have to know that something horrible happened in my family. My brother’s daughter had a beautiful little boy who was taken from us too soon. Spending only a few days with us, he gave them joy, but it was definitely a time of hospitals and stress.

I happened to mention this in a networking group that Cheryl of Heritage Makers and I attended together and she brought up the product that they had, Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep books. These are books that you could give to grieving parents, taking all of the pictures that they have accumulated and bringing them into into a book that could be saved for always.

I called my brother and asked if he would like one, he was touched and asked if he could have three, one for his daughter and one each for the grandparents.

MLM Customer Service Selling

Well, this is where the customer service part comes in. Because it is Cheryl’s product and she is an amazing graphic artist, we simply sent all of the iPhone photos we had taken off to her and she made them beautiful, laying out the book and fixing photos. Having to do it myself (I am a graphic artist) would have been un-overcomable but she made it super easy.

MLM Sales Tip #1

I offered to pay her for her time but she declined. If you are representing an MLM and looking for ideas to increase your income, this would have been a great opportunity to add value AND make a little money. It is these other opportunities that dovetail with your products that can double or even triple your income.

MLM Sales Tip #2

Now, she didn’t do it overnight. She explained that she already had a project she was working on and that I would be second or third in line. Um, she was doing it for free so I was perfectly happy to wait. Because she set the expectation up front, we were still pleasantly surprised at how fast she got this done.

MLM Sales Tip #3

My last tip is a huge one. Cheryl is proud of her company and the work that she does to help sell her Heritage Maker products. They match her graphic design background and give her fulfillment to sell.

I have to say, we work with A LOT of MLM-ers who choose their company because they like their upline or happened to be at a presentation and picked the first opportunity that came along. I think that the main thing you have to do is pick a company and industry that matches your skill sets and life’s philosophy.

One of my besties, who is a major recruiting machine, did great at her old company, but wasn’t as excited about her sales as she is now that she has switched over to a health and fitness company…she is a health NUT and so they match perfectly!

The Book

Bradley's BookSo why did I write this post? Yes, I do work with many MLMers and no, I don’t represent any companies, but I just had to say thank you to an immeasurably classy lady who made a hard time better. Cheryl did a stunning job on the book and it will be arriving at my brother’s house this week, hopefully helping a little to ease their pain.

If you are looking for an MLM company and upline that is thoughtful, courteous and FUN (there are lots of other products that they have too), please make sure to contact Cheryl to at least find out about the opportunity. I cannot recommend anyone more highly…:)

Cheryl Bokros
Rocky Mountain Storybooking

Using Email Templates in Your Direct Sales Marketing

Using Email Templates in Your Direct Sales MarketingThe key to any successful direct sales email template is making it as seamless and easy to do as possible so that it makes sense to your recipient, is easy to implement, and can be easily duplicated by your direct sales team or downline.

Using a CRM program (we highly recommend Infusionsoft) that allows you to create and store templates, send emails and track results, and lets you keep all of your information in one place will make your direct sales efforts infinitely easier.

The first step is creating an email template. To create a template, you log into your CRM and select the appropriate option to create a new email template. Make sure you label your new template with a title you can easily recognize for future mailings. Remember, the idea of creating a template is to be able to use it over and over with minor tweaks.

Be sure that your new direct sales template has your personal branding (not the company branding) in place – each communication with a client or prospective customer is a marketing opportunity. Your job is to sell the prospect on buying YOU – regardless of the product, promotion, or service you represent. Make sure your templates are consistent with your personal marketing message.

Once you have opened your new template, you want to insert your email text. It is critical to create a simple email as long and detailed emails are almost never read or responded.

Keep your message direct and to the point, show that you have value to add, and be sure to include a call to action.

Example Email Template for Direct Sales Marketing:

Subject: << Make this catchy – not pitchy – to garner a better open rate! >>

Dear “Recipient” << a great CRM program will allow you to merge your contacts into this field automatically, allowing for personalization and saving time. >>

I wanted to quickly touch base with you, and I know sometimes email can be easier to reply to. I noticed / You mentioned / We discussed <> that << target the particular “problem” you intend to solve here >> and wanted to share with you some of the successes I have had working with people like you to << provide your solution to the “problem” here >>. By the way, did you know << insert the exact purpose for the communication here: are you having a class? An event? Have a fabulous new product coming out? >>?

Would you be available << the exact action you want your recipient to take, whether that’s a meeting, to visit your blog, to click a link, to receive a phone call, etc.>>?


<< Your fabulously catchy and branded signature line here! Make sure this includes your photo! Studies have shown that simply viewing the face of a connection frequently truly fosters the know, like, and trust factor! >>

Once you have everything exactly the way you want it, save your work! You now have an email marketing template ready to go which can be customized for any direct sales purpose. We highly recommend taking a little bit of time to create several templates that can be easily deployed, including one for sales, new product launches, sales calls, reorders, opportunities, and team only communications.

Once you send an email out to your list, be sure to follow-up. Statistics strongly suggest that using a combination of calls and emails in your direct sales business leads to a better response rate than calls or emails by themselves.

Direct Sales Marketing – Sales Tips To Take December Off

Direct Sales Marketing - Sales Tips To Take December OffEverybody who is NOT in direct sales thinks that you have to work your tail of during Christmas time to make your money (like the big stores do). What you know and they don’t is that the last order date is generally well ahead of the holiday and if you play your cards right you can use these sales tip to take December off!

Sell early

Most direct sales people poke their heads up the day after Thanksgiving and go, “holy heck I better start selling”. Instead, this year start early. Get people in October and November BEFORE they have spent all their money or are stressed about how to get everything done! Bonus points if you do your own “layaway program” that lets them pay over time!

Get creative

Most people do not know how pull together a great gift for their mom let alone figure out what to get their kid’s teacher, their husband’s boss or any of the other gagillion people they feel like they have to buy for! Why not do all the work for them and put together the “perfect presents” for anyone. Put tags on them telling who they are for and the prices. For best sales make sure they are less than $20 each and have some that are stocking stuffer priced at $5.

Provide great resources

If I was doing direct sales I would wait until the day after the back to school sales end and the clearance begins and get me some clipboards. I would make them pretty and decoupage my business cards on them. Then I would make a checklist that people could use for their Christmas shopping that I would put on the clipboard (I would include my products as ideas for mom or dad, kids or teachers).

Wrap up

No, really I mean YOU should wrap up your goods and sell them. One of the biggest time savers you can give someone at the holiday is to sell wrapped presents. Shop the day after Thanksgiving sales to get great prices on wrapping paper, pick yourself some curling ribbon and bows and get ready to sell!

Well I hope those tips help you have a great holiday season (and get to take December off!)


Direct Sales Marketing – How to Generate Tons Of Email Leads for your Direct Sales Business

Direct Sales Marketing - How to Generate Tons Of Email Leads for your Direct Sales BusinessEmail marketing works with any business model and you can make money following some key rules. You get the results of email within a few hours, meaning you don’t waste advertising dollars and you immediately know what works – and what doesn’t. Email marketing is highly effective for Direct Sales businesses.

But how do you utilize email marketing if you have no one in your database? You can always collect email addresses from your existing customers and send them an occasional email with a discount or special offer. When someone gives you their email address, they are inviting you to sell them something. They want to hear from you, they want to receive your information. This means valuable lifetime relationships with customers who are interested in exactly what you have to offer.

If your customer list is very small and your Direct Sales business is dependant on people buying your products or joining your team, you’ll need more leads to be successful. By using nothing more than your social networks and a simple lead capture form on your blog or website you can generate a ton of leads. Here are options for increasing your email leads.

Contests. Offer a contest via your blog or social networks where the prize is something truly amazing but costs you little. The requirements to participate should be easy and straightforward so that you don’t frustrate the customer and they are willing to give you their email to get to play.

Free eBook. Who doesn’t love something for free? Especially eBooks that are interesting and tell them “how to” solve a particular problem. It doesn’t have to be 100 pages long. 10 or 12 pages of really great content are fine. Offer your eBook via your blog or social networks in exchange for name and email.

Customer Survey. Surveying potential customers is a great way to collect email addresses. You can find out what your target market likes or dislikes, and what they have problems with or need solutions for. Use a tool like Survey Monkey to create and share your survey online.

eZines. Offer a great incentive to potential customers in exchange for their name and email, and advertise your offer in an e-zine or classified ad. It doesn’t cost tons of money and if you find the right place to advertise, you could see dramatic results.

Free Offers. Offer your customers something absolutely incredible for free on your site.
If a customer wants what you’re offering, they will definitely have no problem providing their name and email address.

Direct Sales Marketing – Social Networking The Easy Way

Direct Sales Marketing - Social Networking The Easy WaySocial Networking via the internet has become immensely popular over the last couple of years. Sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and others offer effective ways to socialize, connect with friends, and meet new people, and have proven successful at generating new business for many folks with a Direct Sales business. Here are the steps to properly set-up Social Networking for business:

1.) Choose a social networking site and register for a profile. The best way to set-up your profile is to tell a little story about yourself, and how it relates to you in your Direct Sales business. Include a link to your lead capture page to assist in migrating new contacts into your database as well as a link to the website or blog where you promote your business.

As a Direct Sales consultant, avoid making grandiose statements like “My Direct Sales Company is the best business and you should join!” That will alienate potential followers immediately and your messages will be tuned out. Focus on education and providing relevant, valuable content. Understand what makes your target demographic tick and provide a variety of interesting things that speak to their interests.

2.) Find groups, categories, or lists on your chosen site where people in your industry or target market might be located or interacting. If you are in Direct Sales, do a search for groups or lists that are related to your geographic area, Direct Sales, Home Business, or the specific need that your Direct Sales Company serves. Join as many of those groups on that Social Networking site as you are able. By virtue of simply belonging to a group or following the “list” people will organically choose to connect with you.

3.) As people invite you to connect, always accept. Even it looks like someone you might not want to do business with you never know where that contact might lead. Once you accept the new connection, send a brief message back to that person thanking them for requesting your friendship. Start getting to know your new connections and use the opportunity to network with them.

4.) Seek out people who might be there to network and invite them to connect. Always add value to the relationship and look for opportunities to offer great recommendations or resources – even if they are not directly related to your Direct Sales Company. In time you will build the know, like, and trust element and earn yourself a position top of mind with your new contacts.

5.) Always include a link to your lead capture page on any communications but NEVER pitch your product, service, or opportunity. Instead just include your link to your lead capture page with your free offer in your signature block. Avoid overtly advertising and engaging in activities that could be interpreted as spam. By taking a more passive approach you will find that your connections will click on your link out of curiosity. If your approach is “salesy” or otherwise aggressive you will find very little value in social networking for business.

Each Social Networking site has its own little quirks, and you will need to fine tune your techniques on each site you go to. Remember never to spam people and to focus on truly building relationships. As you do you will find that you can very quickly benefit from social networking sites as an essential part of your overall business strategy.