Finding The Perfect Customer Who Will Buy and Buy – Marketing Course


Marketing Monsters, are you READY to start making more sales, getting more leads and generally having the fabulous life of your dreams? Are you SERIOUSLY sick of beating your head against the wall, making products or services that almost no one wants to buy? Have you ever spent days, weeks or months, grinding out a […]

How To Sell To Americans EBOOK

How To Sell To Americans Banner

How To Sell To Americans: Tips From Sales & Marketing Pros On What Works In The United States This book is an overview of how to sell to Americans. It details the situation in the US right now and tells how to best using strong selling and marketing methods to reach Americans who can buy […]

Advanced Sales Strategy: How To Craft Your Unique Selling Proposition USP

Advanced Sales Strategy USP Book Banner

Advanced Sales Strategy: How To Craft Your Unique Selling Proposition USP If you have ever sat down and tried to write a USP (Unique Selling Proposition) for you or your company, you know the frustration of trying to figure out how to make everything sound different and special. Sometimes figuring out what makes you so […]

Overview of Social Media Marketing Platforms

Overview of Social Media Marketing Platforms

As part of our “train the trainer series” we DEFINITELY need to take a peek at each of the social media platforms that are out there and discuss when each is appropriate to use. Now, this is meant to be a pretty comprehensive list and will include sites that are not great for every company, […]

Making Social Media Automation Work For Small Businesses

Making Social Media Automation Work For Small Businesses

We have a really great guest post about automating some of your social media efforts today! I tend to be less auto-matey and Rebekah is more…either way, we both use tools like these that help get “stuff” done faster! _ _ _ Successful small businesses can often be described as high on drive and passion, […]

7 Harsh Marketing Realities You Should Take In Stride

7 Harsh Marketing Realities You Should Take In Stride

Most business owners and bloggers struggle with marketing because they don’t think it is important. They find it incredibly frustrating to note that not all of the money spent on marketing will really pay off. While this true, what they really need to understand is that there are 7 harsh marketing realities that REALLY need […]

Why Knowing Who Your Perfect Customer Is Matters

Why knowing who your perfect customer is matters

So yesterday I “wrote” a post about our Perfect Customer Profile over at Marketing Artfully. I put wrote in quotes because it was more of a how to use the worksheet that is included. check out the post here That said, I thought that it would be beneficial to write about WHY figuring out your […]

Plain English Bad Google Search Engine Tactics For Small Business Owners

Plain english bad google search engine tactics

So I have been working on websites and fascinated with SEO (search engine optimization) for quite a while now (since 1999). Throughout that time I have followed some really good, clean SEO experts and watched with fascination the machinations of the black hatters, buying a fair number of trainings in how to “game the system”. […]

How To Set Up Google Webmaster Tools & What To Use It For

How To Set Up Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools gives you a unique insight into how Google views your site. Not only that, but GWT can highlight issues that don’t just affect Google’s visiting spiders, but human visitors too. How To Set Up Webmasters Tools First of all, you’ll need to ensure you create a general Google Account. Once you’ve created […]

Twitter Tweet Cheat Sheet

Twitter Tweets Cheat Sheet

While I was writing my blog post, 100 Great Twitter Tweet Examples, I figured out some things about what tweets caught my eye and how to attract more attention for my tweets. Some of them were obvious (have great info) and some more obscure, like that people tend to respond more when you use the […]

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