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Marketing Monsters, are you READY to start making more sales, getting more leads and generally having the fabulous life of your dreams?

  • Are you SERIOUSLY sick of beating your head against the wall, making products or services that almost no one wants to buy?
  • Have you ever spent days, weeks or months, grinding out a sales page, website or video that was going to “revolutionize your business” but which launched to nothing but crickets chirping?
  • Are you sick of feeling like you have to beg for customers or clients?


If you are a business or entrepreneur that relies on finding customers to make sales, you have to get this mini-course TODAY!

Why You Need This Course!

Get the perfect customer profile mini course!Every business owner wants to sell more, but wonders how to find the right people to work with. Whether you are selling products or services, there is nothing worse than trying to selling the right thing to the wrong people. You can talk until you are blue in the face, trying to convince them that you have the solution to their problem, but if you don’t know what their real problems are you are dead in the water!

Stop guessing and figure out exactly the customers you want to get…the ones you will love working with!

In this AMAZING Mini-Course you will learn to:

  • Finally understand that “Avatar thing everyone is talking about
  • Reduce your customer acquisition costs
  • Easily find buyers who want “EXACTLY” what you are selling
  • Stop having to beg for sales and target only those customers who will buy without begging
  • Help other people by getting your product or service out in the world where people you can help will buy it
  • Figure out what kinds of products or services your best customers will be clamoring for!

What You Get

Who Is This For?

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Small Business Owners
  • Realtors
  • Professional Services (Doctors, Lawyers, Dentists)
  • Retail Sales
  • Enlightened Business
  • Corporate Sales
  • The Trades
  • Direct Sales


Stop stressing about customer acquisition, finding your perfect avatar and all the rest! The Perfect Customer Profile Marketing Course will walk you through how to start making more sales, getting more leads and generally having the fabulous life of your dreams! The Perfect Customer Profile Marketing Course will walk you help you figure out how to start making more sales, getting more leads and generally having the fabulous life of your dreams! Learn to use the Perfect Customer Profile TODAY! Every business owner wants to sell more, but wonders how to find the right people to work with. Whether you are selling products or services, there is nothing worse than trying to selling the right thing to the wrong people. You can talk until you are blue in the face, trying to convince them that you have the solution to their problem, but if you don’t know what their real problems are you are dead in the water! Stop guessing and figure out exactly the customers you want to get…the ones you will love working with! Join The Marketing and Media Monsters for their Perfect Customer Profile Course!!!

How To Sell To Americans EBOOK

How To Sell To Americans  BannerHow To Sell To Americans: Tips From Sales & Marketing Pros On What Works In The United States

This book is an overview of how to sell to Americans. It details the situation in the US right now and tells how to best using strong selling and marketing methods to reach Americans who can buy your products!

There are many nuances to selling to Americans and this book will walk you through the best practices.


The Backstory

We are rabidly pro “Buy American” having come from midwest America and supporting small biz and the people who make this country great. That said, we are totally living in a global economy and we feel like ALL small business should have a shot, especially if they are going to be marketing here.

While it could be easy to default to thinking about manufacturing only, we actually wrote this book to help exporters and service providers, in addition to manufacturers.

We love the fact that our books sell to between 20% and 60% of readers overseas. We enjoy working with small biz owners around the globe and one of the goals of our fabulous life is to travel internationally and share our marketing techniques internationally.

This book features the following topics:

  • Introduction
  • Buy American and Patriotism
  • What Goes Wrong
  • Politics and Business
  • American Persona or Profiles
  • American Websites
  • American Email
  • Perfect Customer Profiles
  • American Social Media
  • English As A Second Language
  • BONUS: Popular Culture & American Heroes

Advanced Sales Strategy: How To Craft Your Unique Selling Proposition USP

Advanced Sales Strategy USP Book BannerAdvanced Sales Strategy: How To Craft Your Unique Selling Proposition USP

If you have ever sat down and tried to write a USP (Unique Selling Proposition) for you or your company, you know the frustration of trying to figure out how to make everything sound different and special. Sometimes figuring out what makes you so special is not easy as you would think! This book will walk you through exercises that will get your creative juices flowing and get words coming out fast and furious!


The Backstory

We have worked with hundreds of clients, helping them to figure out what they should focus on for their work and marketing. It is sometimes very hard to get to the core of what they are offering or even what they like to do the most in their business. At first this was surprising since they are all (for the most part) self employed and in theory would be able to choose anything in the world to focus on.

That said, most of tend to start out doing what is asked of us, without really considering if it is what we want to do. We almost look at crafting your USP as the perfect chance to say what you would LIKE your business to be and how you would make the most difference in the world, given the chance to do it exactly right.

˃˃˃ Just so you know, Brilliant marketing IS possible!

The benefits of this book relate directly to you. If you implement the ideas in this book you could make more money, get more leads and make more sales. Your marketing could become so compelling that you will have to beat customers off with a stick and will be able to cherry pick the hottest prospects, only those who you want to work with. You can stop scrabbling around for crumbs from your competitors and start finally making some real money.

Advanced Sales Strategy Cover - Writing Your USP

Top picture is 250X250

Overview of Social Media Marketing Platforms

Overview of Social Media Marketing PlatformsAs part of our “train the trainer series” we DEFINITELY need to take a peek at each of the social media platforms that are out there and discuss when each is appropriate to use.

Now, this is meant to be a pretty comprehensive list and will include sites that are not great for every company, BUT you should be aware of them as they could all become important down the line.


Let’s start with the most well known social platform, Facebook. Unfortunately most of our clients feel that this is the ONLY social network that matters which is actually becoming less and less true through changes that Facebook is making regarding business pages.

A little history of the business page on Facebook. They started out as “Fan Pages” and you tried to get fans instead of likes. They were actually very effective as you could set a landing page that people saw before your timeline and could prompt them to like your page or direct them offline to data capture page or even just your website. Facebook changed this to…regular business pages that could not have branding or calls to action in the graphics (they have since lifted this ban to all up to 20% area for calls to actions)…they then changed contests so that business owners could only run contests with applications and could not ask for likes or shares as an entry (they have since lifted this a little, but honestly contents have lost their luster these days)…

We have found that the best business page returns come from companies which provide B2C products. I KNOW, you hear all the time that B2B works here too, but I doubt that many semi conductors or big sales systems are being sold through Facebook. Now the FB page could provide social proof and must still be maintained, but honestly, most of social is just an add-on to tried and true marketing that has worked in the past and continues to work today.


Twitter works equally well for B2B as it does for B2C. There can be high interaction on Twitter it is much easier to get in dialog with decision makers and influencers than on any other platform. Many Twitter accounts are populated and monitored by actual celebrities and industry titans.

The brevity of posts and the ability to utilize third party tools also makes Twitter a winner for many business owners.

Now, Twitter used to have a REALLY open source policy, allowing almost any developer to do any kind of thing (we call this the good old days). Now, however, they are a little more discerning and are bringing a lot of the spamming tools in line so it is actually making the Twitter experience better for everyone!

Klout (which we will not go into detail on) is a part of the Twitter environment and can help with increasing reach.


No longer just a glorified job board, LinkedIn has actively recruited industry professionals who are willing to write on the native LinkedIn platform instead of on their own sites. This has lead to an increase in active users and there has been more buzz about LI than there has been for a long time.

One downfall (from a marketing perspective) is that it is hard to manage as a third party and the “real” rockstars are probably not people who are going to spend days, weeks or months cultivating a social presence there. For example, if you sell Deciduous Clay, the market is tiny and all you have to do is have a strong profile that says that.

On the other hand, if you sell office printers, it would be great if the tech guys were willing to talk about how the connections to networks work, have the engineers discuss how they develop new features and have the CEO of the company talk about forward thinking events and technologies that are being developed. Sigh…generally this guys and gals are, well, working on those things and not willing to sit in LinkedIn for a couple of hours a day, checking groups and answering in depth technical questions.


Darling of the feminine set, Pinterest has come out as a strong contender for anyone selling anything that women or their households consume (women make 80% of all buying decisions for the home).

Not only does Pinterest have the native sharing format that other social sites have, but it is also MADE to be a conduit from a picture back to the original website which that picture was “pinned” on.

There isn’t great data out there yet, but we can tell you from our sites and clients, plus many other marketing people anecdotally that many of us are seeing Pinterest being the second to fourth highest referral source to our sites month after month.


While not a great social site yet (many of your Facebook peeps are loath to migrate over), the beauty of Google+ is its integration into the Google Search. A keyword targeted Google+ post can turn up on the search results page 1 for people that you are connected to…this is AWESOME.

Additionally there are opportunities out there now that will not be available in a couple of years so hitting this network hard is a great idea.

One downside is the lack of Google authorship integration that many of us thought might also be a bigger part of the equation, but We are not giving up hope on this yet.


YouTube has as much social integration as many of the other sites, although most business owners are unaware of the power of this, even at this late date. As YouTube is owned by Google and is the second largest search engine (following only Google itself), the power of establishing a strong presence here is invaluable.

Because Google incorporates video into many of its Universal Search results, a video can also appear on page one for searches (especially if you are linked through the Google+ site also).


A blogging platform that is between the length of Twitter (14 characters) and regular blogging, Medium is a great place to provide content that would not be relevant or appropriate on your business website. We do not use this platform as we are dedicated to building owned content, but have seen some people have great results here.

Snap Chat

This one is an outlier as it has the same functionality of growing friends and connections, but the distribution is one to one (meaning that if you post something it can only go to one user at a time, unlike the other where it is one post to many recipients).

Because of this and the perception that it is for kids, there is not a strong business use for Snap Chat at this point.


If you are in some kind of entertainment or B2C company where quick (6 second) videos can be easily produced and consumed, Vine might be a contender for some of your marketing dollars and time. The main thing to remember about Vine is that it is for fun, not selling or business so much.


Last but not least, Instagram is owned by Facebook so is a powerful social tool that has been around long enough to have critical mass, but is still new enough to allow traction.

The downfall for businesses using Instagram is that ALL content is upload via a cell phone and there has to be a plan in place for how this is accomplished. Having your social media guy or gal use their own phones or accounts is a really bad idea generally, but when done correctly can be a super powerful force for good!

Well there you have it, the short version overview of the current social media platforms that are out there. We KNOW these can seem overwhelming and very few companies have the bandwidth to market on every platform. This is why it it vital to know your goals and which social media sites are congruent with your target and customer demographics!

If you need help with setting up a social media marketing plan, please give us a call today and we will be happy to work with you and your in-house marketing people to get a roadmap for success 727-415-9165 (Tara Jacobsen).

Making Social Media Automation Work For Small Businesses

Making Social Media Automation Work For Small BusinessesWe have a really great guest post about automating some of your social media efforts today! I tend to be less auto-matey and Rebekah is more…either way, we both use tools like these that help get “stuff” done faster!
_ _ _

Successful small businesses can often be described as high on drive and passion, but low on resources. With limited staff, lots of small businesses are side-stepping getting involved in social media for fear that the return on investment isn’t clear enough. Yet, by failing to see the wider benefits of social media, they’re missing out on the opportunity to interact further with their consumers and raise the profile of their business.

Using social media automation is a great way to allow small businesses to become part of the conversation, without disrupting their everyday activity. Here are a few tips on how to make social media automation work for your company:

Get Technical

Scheduling posts is a great way to reduce your daily social media time commitments. If you already know what you want to tweet or post about, for example a sale that is coming up or a seasonal offer, you can use websites such as Tweetdeck to schedule your Twitter posts for exactly the right day and the right time. Scheduling posts also allows you to keep your feeds live as well, even when you’re not online.

Social media management sites, such as HootSuite, can also give you a helping hand to monitor your various social media activities. Rather than watch every social media tool individually, HootSuite allows you to keep track of each of your profiles from just one website and also to post the same content across each – significantly reducing the time required.

Build Your Brand

Free opportunities for a company to shout about their brand in a public forum are extremely rare.

Social networks give businesses the chance to build their brand and create social signals that can also influence the search rankings on most major search engines for free.

What’s more, in an online world, customers often use social media as an “assist” for their purchasing; a way to determine the legitimacy and reputation of a product or brand. A company that is active on social media, even with just one Facebook post or tweet a day, can noticeably boost their brand image.

Look for strong sources of industry-specific content that you can use or share with your followers.

Not only does it give you a consistent amount of information to share for a minimal amount of effort at the beginning, it can also spark ideas for content that you can create and push out yourself once you’re more confident with social media.

Gain Brand Supporters

Building your brand online will also lead you to increase your key group of brand supporters. Not only does this have great search engine benefits, but there are plenty of advantages from a more human point of view too. Those who are emotionally attached to a brand, either through direct or indirect social media interaction, are more likely to give word-of-mouth referrals both online and offline for a company. Having a third-hand brand supporter recommend you to someone is extremely effective and often results from just a small amount of social media activity.

Time To Keep It Real

Although social media automation is great for certain elements of a company’s social interaction with their consumers, it’s not ideal for everything. There are a few instances when it’s much better to keep your interactions personal. Highly-customized content that compliments other industry news is one type that should be personalized. Use this type of content to show that your company knows its industry inside out, while also giving the personality behind your business and what makes it different to the rest of the crowd. Another example is if someone thanks you or reaches out to the business via social media; customized replies are always much more effective.

Be mindful too of falling into the trap of constant refollows and retweets; if your new follower looks like a genuine user interested in your product, then by all means, follow them. It shows that you’re interested in what your customers have to say. But bear in mind that a lot of followers are just machine-driven profiles that add no value. Similarly with tweets, take a more strategic approach; if it’s something that you would say yourself or think others will find interesting, then retweet it. However, this can’t necessarily be said for everything you read on Twitter! And always remember to check out what you’re retweeting – what may seem a good idea on the surface, could turn out to be a big retweet mistake.

Social media doesn’t have to require a big commitment of time and resources. By combining automation with an element of customization, small businesses can effectively reach out to customers and show their personality.

About the Author:

is the founder of Lingo24, Inc., a provider of high quality website translation. Follow Lingo24, Inc. on Twitter: @Lingo24.