Metaphysical and Enlightened Marketing – Why Is It SOOO Hard To Be Comfortable Making Money

Metaphysical marketing - why so hard to make money

This one goes out to our metaphysical and enlightened marketing friends. We KNOW that many of you have trouble feeling good about marketing your services because making money on your gifts seems to be, well, a little icky. If you have been given a gift or have nurtured a talent, you have earned the right […]

Enlightened Marketing – Simple Marketing Strategies that Won’t Break The Bank

Enlightened Marketing - Simple Marketing Strategies That Won't Break The Bank

Your enlightened business could benefit greatly from today’s marketing methods. But you don’t have to spend a ton of money just to get some exposure for your New Age Business. There are very affordable ways to get your business seen and heard. Here are simple internet methods that will enhance the visibility of your business […]

New Age Marketing – 4 Tools To Market Your Business Through Social Media

New Age Marketing 4 Tools

The internet has changed business marketing forever. The days of old school marketing with ads placed in newspapers and other publications are gone. “Yellowpage” listings are no longer effective. Instead, savvy new age business owners look to social media networks to spread branding messages instantly and foster interest in service or products. Facebook Over 900 […]

Why Pinterest Is Such A Good Fit For New Age Marketing

Pinterest For New Age, Enlightened and Metaphysical Marketing

If you are doing marketing for your metaphysical, enlightened or new age business, choosing Pinterest as a top marketing platform just makes good sense. For those of you who don’t know about Pinterest or haven’t thought of it for business yet, it is a place for people (mostly women, college educated and with annual household […]

Why Video Marketing Is A Perfect Fit For Metaphysical Practitioners!

Why Video Marketing Is A Perfect Fit For Metaphysical Practitioners!

Metaphysical practitioners hear lots of non-complimentary terms like “airy fairy” and “whoo whoo”. While many of you might understand and embrace these terms, changing the perception of your prospects and customers might not be a bad thing! So how does video marketing help you project legitimacy and professionalism? First off, you get to “show up” […]

Metaphysical Marketing – How To Automate A Marketing Plan

Infusionsoft - Enter the sales funnel

We think metaphysical marketing is one of the harder disciplines. Not only do you have to get your message out, but you have to sometimes convince someone on the fence that all that woo-woo stuff actually works. In the normal course of marketing, someone has to see your message at least 8 times to notice […]

New Age Marketing – How To Keep Up With Your Clients For Sales

New Age Marketing - How To Keep Up With Your Clients For Sales

Our new age marketing clients are a TREMENDOUS group of people who are out there doing good and working with clients. BUT they sometimes have a huge cognitive dissonance around selling. It feels a little mercenary and not spiritual. So today’s post is all about how to pick the low hanging fruit. No selling, just […]

5 Ways to Market Your Metaphysical Business For Free

5 Ways to Market

Coming at you from the Media Monster, Rebekah Welch…5 Ways to Market Your Metaphysical Business For Free! Speak at Book Stores – Ask a local metaphysical book store owner if you can speak on your area of expertise. Tell him or her that you will be suggesting several books that he sells during your presentation. […]

Typical Mistakes Enlightened Businesses Make in Marketing

Typical Mistakes Enlightened Businesses Make in Marketing

To prevent the risks of a marketing campaign that fails to reach your intended client or customer, it is recommended that enlightened businesses study some of the most common mistakes that can are made: 1. The desire of immediate success. Launching a marketing campaign can be compared the situation in which we want to reach […]

Metaphysical Marketing – How To Grow A Following

Metaphysical Marketing - Growing a Big Following

So you are out there doing your metaphysical marketing and wondering if anyone is listening. Maybe you are sharing a message about love and hope or are more focused on helping people who are stuck. Whatever you are talking about, it can sometimes feel like no one is out there! I see many Energy Healers, […]

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