Metaphysical and Enlightened Marketing – Why Is It SOOO Hard To Be Comfortable Making Money

Metaphysical marketing - why so hard to make moneyThis one goes out to our metaphysical and enlightened marketing friends. We KNOW that many of you have trouble feeling good about marketing your services because making money on your gifts seems to be, well, a little icky.

If you have been given a gift or have nurtured a talent, you have earned the right to make money off of it! Think about your doctor, she spent a lot of time in school to hone her skills and you don’t think twice about the fact that you have to pay for her services at the time they are rendered.

You and your talents are the same.

That said, people will not respect those boundaries until you have clear offerings and specific services they can buy. I have to say that many healers and guides are very vague about what they can do, not wanting to niche down and miss out on opportunities. Look at these two elevator speeches and figure out which one would make you pull out your wallet…

  • I work with angels, um, and guides, um, to help people with whatever is going on in their lives. I can help you figure out what is wrong and the angels can help me see what you need to do, um, thank you.
  • I work with people who have some kind of discord in their homes, working with angels and guides to find the sources of the troubles and then clearing them out so that the house can be a home again. I work with Realtors to help clear out new homes and homes that need to sell, with parents who know that something is happening with their teens but don’t know how to fix it and with people who experience trauma and want a clean slate to start making new memories.

Which would you hire or refer out. The second one lets me know EXACTLY what she does and who she is looking for. Having just brought three kids into our home, I had Donna Thorton, a wonderful healer, come out and “spruce up” our home. I could feel a difference immediately and am thrilled to have had her work for me…oh yeah…it was work and she deserved to be paid for it!

Mostly I think that it is hard to ask for payment for vague services. When you know exactly what your skills are and what you are selling, it is easier to feel good about asking for money.

Enlightened Marketing – Simple Marketing Strategies that Won’t Break The Bank

Enlightened Marketing - Simple Marketing Strategies That Won't Break The BankYour enlightened business could benefit greatly from today’s marketing methods. But you don’t have to spend a ton of money just to get some exposure for your New Age Business. There are very affordable ways to get your business seen and heard.

Here are simple internet methods that will enhance the visibility of your business without investing more than you can actually afford. Be aware these techniques take a little patience and some elbow grease to produce amazing results.

You need a website, or better yet a blog to be able to make use of these affordable marketing strategies. If you aren’t able to create one yourself, hire a pro. Make sure it displays your products, services, and contact information so people can hire you!

1. Your Articles

Put quality content in the form of articles or blog posts on your site in addition to your products and services. This will give search engines a reason to index your website. As your website is indexed by popular search engines it will generate more traffic to your pages.

2. Other People’s Links

One way to rank well with search engines is a process called link building. The easiest and fastest way to do this is by swapping links to other enlightened businesses that are complementary to yours.

3. Offering Affiliate Resources

There are many products and services out there that may work well with yours. Many times the people who own them will offer an “affiliate program” that allows you to sell their existing products and get paid for it. Typically ad copy and links are provided by the seller. This is one way to pick up a little extra traffic and get new sets of eyes on your pages.

4. Amazing Free Offers

Offering something amazing for free on your site or blog is a great way to get potential customers into your database where you can send them targeted marketing pieces on a regular basis. Use a simple form on your site where people can enter their name and email to receive your incredible free CD, DVD, eBook, Video or some piece of valuable content. The key to success with this technique is to truly offer something of great value.

5. E-mail Marketing

Now that your site visitors have registered to receive your amazing free offer and added themselves to your database you have the ability to plug them into your email marketing campaigns and/or autoresponders. Using this highly cost effective method you can nurture relationships, establish credibility as an expert, and share your announcements and promotions directly with the people who have expressed an interest in your enlightened business.

New Age Marketing – 4 Tools To Market Your Business Through Social Media

New Age Marketing 4 ToolsThe internet has changed business marketing forever. The days of old school marketing with ads placed in newspapers and other publications are gone. “Yellowpage” listings are no longer effective. Instead, savvy new age business owners look to social media networks to spread branding messages instantly and foster interest in service or products.


Over 900 million users log on to Facebook every single day. As an entrepreneur you can build a professional, public page for your business for no cost and attract people who want your product or service. Facebook monitors how many users have viewed, interacted and commented on your page, and gives you ongoing statistics to track the effectiveness of your posts. This gives you the ability to see what interests your viewers the most and target your content accordingly. The more interesting – and interacted with – your content is, the more Facebook will push it out to the eyes of people beyond your own network.

The fastest way to garner this free push from Facebook is to interact with your followers. Ask questions that elicit a response from readers. Posting interesting articles, pictures, or videos will trigger your fans to comment, and also “like” or “share” your post with their own networks. As your followers engage, make a point to respond with informative tidbits and personal replies to demonstrate that there is a genuine person behind the curtain who is invested in building and nurturing virtual relationships. Your page provides the perfect outlet to demonstrate your gifts and expertise and align yourself as the “go-to” person for your specialty.

As your page becomes more established, you can take advantage of additional ways to promote it on Facebook. There are opportunities to pay for promoted posts (posts that are pushed to more members of your own network for up to 3 days) as well as paid ads which can be placed for indefinite periods of time and displayed to the Facebook general population according to the parameters you choose for people you want to see it. This buys you the option to have your content shown to people you haven’t connected with yet and reach far beyond your network of followers.


Twitter gives you the access to spread the word about your business with short tweets of 140 characters. Sharing interesting and fun tweets about your specialty creates the opportunity for millions of people to find and follow you. Again you can engage with others through features that allow you to “re-tweet” interesting items, and chime in with a “reply” to other people’s posts. The rule on Twitter is short and sweet, Tweet, Re-Tweet, and be Re-Tweeted. As always, avoid “salesy” or “pitchy” items. Use a the 80/20 rule; 80% of your tweets should be about other people’s stuff that is relevant to your followers, and only 20% should link back to your own content or business. The more you engage with others on Twitter, the more followers, engagement, and eventually business you will gain. As people respond to and share your items, take the time to acknowledge and reciprocate accordingly. Use your 20% to direct people to your promotions or offers using educational and informative statements or questions, rather than a “buy my stuff” approach.


If your business has a physical location (not just online) you can set up a business profile on Foursquare. Foursquare allows users to share what establishments they are visiting and leave pictures, tips, and comments for subsequent visitors. Businesses can offer special promotions on Foursquare to encourage users to “check-in” at their location, creating more visibility. Many users synchronize their foursquare to their other social media accounts, so each time they check in the announcement is shared not only with their Foursquare followers, but to their extended networks on Facebook, Twitter, and other profiles as well.


Perhaps you offer classes, seminars, or other specials events for your New Age business. You can create a group on MeetUp that will attract people who are interested in networking with or attending the events of like minded people. Once you set up your group page, select your categories, and create an event, you can share it with your email list, your social networks, and post the happening on craigslist. MeetUp sends a weekly bulletin to all subscribers who have indicated an interest in the categories you have chosen for your business announcing both new groups and events happening that week. This is free, direct to inbox advertising to exactly the people you want to reach who have asked to be informed about the types of things you are offering.

Why Pinterest Is Such A Good Fit For New Age Marketing

Pinterest For New Age, Enlightened and Metaphysical MarketingIf you are doing marketing for your metaphysical, enlightened or new age business, choosing Pinterest as a top marketing platform just makes good sense.

For those of you who don’t know about Pinterest or haven’t thought of it for business yet, it is a place for people (mostly women, college educated and with annual household incomes over 100K) to “collect” things they want to remember to look at later.

They do this by “pinning” them to different boards. The best part about Pins is that, when clicked, they direct the user back to the site where the original pin came from!

So, what should your Pinterest strategy be? First off, you need to have graphically pleasing pins. These can include:

  • Tarot cards with the meaning (watch your copyrights on this one!)
  • Stones or crystals and their meanings
  • Days of interest like the Solstice
  • A collection of your favorite books
  • Infographics of things like the Chakra centers
  • Video boards of your favorite healers or speakers
  • New age art
  • Pictures that touch you spiritually
  • Pictures of your shop
  • Pictures of your clients

The list goes on and on, but what you need to know is that the primary goal is find beautiful, sharable “stuff” and then intersperse YOUR beautiful sharable stuff in amongst other people’s links. This is not tremendously hard and can actually be fun!

For example, I have a board of quotes with pictures. On it I pin all the quotes with pictures that I like PLUS ones that I make from time to time. This board has over 800 followers and some of those people have clicked on my pins through to my websites. (I know this by checking my Google Analytics!)

While some businesses struggle with how to graphically depict their offerings, I have to say, I think that Pinterest for New Age, Metaphysical or Enlightened marketing is a slam dunk!

Why Video Marketing Is A Perfect Fit For Metaphysical Practitioners!

Why Video Marketing Is A Perfect Fit For Metaphysical Practitioners!Metaphysical practitioners hear lots of non-complimentary terms like “airy fairy” and “whoo whoo”. While many of you might understand and embrace these terms, changing the perception of your prospects and customers might not be a bad thing!

So how does video marketing help you project legitimacy and professionalism?

First off, you get to “show up” on their computers or cell phones anytime you like. Make a video about your favorite topic, post it to YouTube and then send out an email “talking” to all your followers! Bonus tip…make sure you adress your message to ONE viewer only

Speaking of emails, why not start a series of emails after you have met a new prospect? You could send out a series of emails including video that looks like this:

  • So nice to meet you! (no offer, just a welcome to my world)
  • Did you know? (no offer, just your BEST idea from your practice)
  • Did you know? (again no offer, just another great idea)
  • Would love to work with you! (now that you have sent them some great information that hopefully helped their lives, you need suggest working together! you could do a reduced offer just for your “email friends”).
  • Rinse and repeat! – you need to make sure your information going out is 3 to 1 in favor of them. Three things that are customer benefits to one sales message is a great ratio!

Thirdly, you are able to get over that “getting to know you” phase faster by sharing your videos on social media sites where your prospects and customers can “see” you in action from time to time. Please do not be nervous! Few of us like to be filmed and NO ONE likes when someone mocks the real them, BUT the benefit of getting to reach new people should outweigh the fear of being called out online!

PLUS if you are just giving them information that they can use to improve their lives, the chances they will be grateful and share your message with their friends increases greatly!

I have done hundreds of videos and I will not lie to you, a couple of people have made snarky comments, but the BEST thing is I didn’t have to say anything back! My friends and supporters (and even some strangers) jumped to my defense because they knew that I was sincerely trying to do good in the world!

Last but not least, think of how personal most of the work you do is! Your clients are obviously struggling with something or they wouldn’t be coming to you. By having videos they can tell if you are going to be kind and gentle with them or if you are going to be just the kick in the pants they need to get their lives on track. Video marketing is great for giving them a taste of what it will be like when they work with you!