The 3 Biggest Mistakes Event Marketing Peeps Make (and how to fix them)

The Three Biggest Mistakes Marketing People Make And How To Fix Them

I am a marketing speaker and contrary to conventional wisdom, I do speak locally for free at small networking events. I KNOW, as a public speaker that is a no-no but it keeps my speaking sword sharp and gives me feedback about what is working and what needs some work so that I can ROCK […]

[VIDEO POST] Networking Followup and Automation

Networking Followup and Automation

If you are a fan of in-person networking (like we are) you probably have experienced this before…you attend a networking event and diligently collect business cards. Then you head home and the dog gets out or homework needs to be done and BAM, you set the cards on the table, forgetting about them until they […]

Networking Marketing – How To Rock After The Back To School Slump

Networking Marketing - How To Rock After The Back To School Slump

Networking in the summer is a bummer! Moms are home with their kids and as numbers dwindle, fewer and fewer people come. BUT fall is here and now is the time to jump back in and get your networking back on track! Have a plan You have basically three months to get back into the […]

In Person Networking Marketing – Having A Plan

In Person Networking Marketing - Having a plan

If you are doing in person networking marketing you MUST have a plan! The biggest complaint we hear when we talk about networking marketing is that it is a HUGE time sucker that doesn’t result in any sales. So let’s start off with the bad news, you probably will not get many sales at the […]

Networking Marketing | Using SEO In Your Social Profiles

Networking Marketing | Using SEO In Your Social Profiles

Thеѕе dауѕ, there саn bе no dеnуing thаt ѕосiаl networking wеbѕitеѕ and search engine орtimizаtiоn (SEO) go hаnd in hand, especially when it comes tо promoting уоur business оnlinе. Lооk at аnу оf the соmраniеѕ with wеbѕitеѕ thаt rесеivе a huge numbеr оf hitѕ – chances are, thеу have uѕеd their ѕосiаl nеtwоrking рrоfilеѕ tо […]

Networking Marketing – Making Connections Through Video

Networking Marketing - Making Connections Through Video

Video is an effective tool for helping individuals to make new connections or reconnect with old contacts. With this type of goal in mind it is not surprising that an increasing number of networkers use video to make connections with other networkers. Following Up With New Contacts Video can be an excellent way to stay […]

Easy Email Follow Up Plan for Networking

Easy Email Follow Up Plan for Networking

Do you find yourself going to networking event after event simply collecting business cards and never getting any business? And better yet, how many times have you had a great conversation with someone at a networking event, exchanged cards, enthusiastically promised you’d follow up with each other, only for neither party to ever take that […]

8 Keys to Learning to Love Networking

8 Keys to Learning To Love Networking

Networking is one of those “love-hate” relationships that we just can’t get away from. If you’re getting great results, you love it. If you’re not, you know it’s necessary but you hate it. Here are eight suggestions to help you find a renewed passion for networking: 1. Networking is an investment. By putting in the […]

Business Networking The Easy Way

Business Networking Marketing - The Easy Way

Business networking marketing is a method of growing awareness of your business, among people who may be likely at one time or another to use your products, your services or to refer someone else who becomes a customer. Networking is all about getting to know other people, and one of the best places to make […]

Networking Marketing – 3 Ways To Delicately Get Out of a Bad Conversation

Networking Marketing - Getting Out Of A Bad Conversation

When you are networking, attending leads groups and getting your messages out there, there are going to be times when you get stuck talking to “that guy”. we even have a post about how to avoid being “that guy!” But say you have not been mindful enough and now you are trapped in a corner […]

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