Real Estate Marketing To A Farm Ebook

Real Estate Marketing To A FarmReal Estate Marketing To A Farm: How To Find, Grow and Reap The Benefits of a Geographic Farm

Find out tips and strategies to cultivate a successful real estate farm area. While researching for this title, we were surprised to discover how little real information there is out there about how to farm a neighborhood.

The postcard people talked about postcards, the magnet people talked about magnets and no one provided comprehensive information about how to pick a farm, let alone how to effectively use sound marketing techniques across a variety of platforms to grow it, ultimately gain more clients and make more money.


The Backstory

Tara was an active Realtor for two years in Clearwater FL in 2007-2009 during one of the worst time in the real estate market in recorded history. That said, she was able to earn a six figure income within two years just by using the techniques that we share in this book. (she still has a license in florida!)

Farming a geographic area is one of the most effective ways of maximizing your marketing budget and time. There are some really powerful economies of scale that kick in when you can focus all your attentions on just one area.

Some of the topics included are:

  • What Is A Farm
  • Choosing a Farm
  • Farming For Sellers
  • Newsletters, Postcards, & Brochure Boxes
  • Website, Video, Email, & Social Media
  • Open Houses & Door Knocking
  • Creative Farming Ideas

If you get the book, please let us know so we can feature your success story on this page!

Real estate marketing to a farm ebook cover

Real Estate Marketing – Here Are The Two Reasons Your Blog Posts Aren’t Bringing In Leads

Want to know why your blog posts aren’t bringing in leads for all your real estate marketing efforts? Oh, they may be bringing in traffic, but are they bringing in leads? Too much traffic and not enough leads. Not a great problem to have.

I’d rather be on the not much traffic but a ton of leads boat, wouldn’t you? (And yes, I define a lead as someone who is willing to give you a way to contact them. Someone willing to give you their email address.)

Posting Content For Content's SakePosting content for contents sake is a short sighted, short term solution.

Content is your blog posts. Contents sake is posting posts and pages to your website so that your website looks big to google. Short term solution means it’ll temporarily drive traffic, but the traffic it’ll drive won’t bring in the leads it should.

As Real Estate Agents (I work in the Real Estate Industry so my focus is Real Estate Agents, but this applies to any industry) we are so focused on plopping up keyword crap that we miss the forest for the trees. We miss the fact that people are looking for answers, not ten second sound bites. There is a time and place for ten second sound bites. Your blog posts are not that place.

Yes, I get it. It’s not possible to provide a thorough answer for a question in a 300-500 word blog post.

I also know that blog posts that get the highest amount of traffic and the highest amount of engagement are between 500-1500 words, with 750 being the sweet spot. The place to strive for.

I also know that you can answer a question, with a good answer, in 750 words.

You see, real estate agents, the ones who are actually online, are focusing on pushing out their listings or they are focused on getting content up as quickly as possible so they rank high in search engines.

While it is about how many pages of your website are indexed in google – it also, isn’t.

It doesn’t matter if one million pages are indexed – if you don’t have the “meat” that people are looking for – if they come to your site and realize that you aren’t answering their questions, they will leave.

If they come to your site and realize you are just playing a keyword game (which is dying by the way), they may not consciously know that you are playing a keyword game, but they will know that you didn’t give them what they were looking for, even if your site popped up on the first page of google.

They will become frustrated. Disillusioned. If they do give you their email address (which isn’t likely to happen with these visitors), they won’t be loyal. You want loyalty. Loyalty is created when you’ve built a relationship. A relationship is created when you anticipate the lead’s questions and truly answer them. Loyalty is created when you give.

So now that you’ve realized you’ve got to actually answer a site visitor’s questions, before they ask them… how do you get them to take that next step and give you their email address so they can become a lead?

You give them more.

Answer their question in the blog post. Then, answer it deeper and more thoroughly in an ebook, or a white page, or a video or or or. There are a ton of ways.

Real Estate Marketing - Two Reasons Your Are Not Getting LeadsIt’s that simple.

The consumer wants to know that you know what you are talking about. The consumer wants to be confident you are an expert. It doesn’t take long for them to form their impression, but once they do, they act on it. They’ll either leave your site, simply use your site to look at homes, or they’ll want to be connected with you in some way. They show this connection by giving you their email address, in exchange for something you are giving to them.

Give them what they are looking for, for free. Then give them MORE of what they are looking for in exchange for their email address.

You’ve given them a reason to begin a relationship with you. Continue that relationship. Then give them a reason to be loyal to you. Then give them a reason to believe that your service doesn’t compare to anyone else’s. A reason they should do business with you and only you.

So here it is.

Reason number one why your blog posts aren’t bringing in leads is that you are too busy writing short, keyword focused posts, without providing actual answers for the site visitor.

Reason number two why your blog posts aren’t bringing in leads is that you aren’t giving them a reason to want more from you.

Give. Then give more. Stop focusing on dying keyword crap. Start focusing on giving value. Focus more on giving value. When you think you’ve given more value than you can possibly give, give even more.

Thanks to Christina Ethridge of for this great post!

Christina Ethridge - Leads and LeverageChristina Ethridge has been involved in real estate for two decades. She lead a highly successful real estate team, a team that was technologically forward and focused on client satisfaction. Christina lead the way by being first on the web, first in blogging, first in social media, and ultimately the first in whatever is coming next. Through her experience in building a real estate business, she learned the snags and limitations faced by real estate agents as they grew their own businesses. She quickly realized that her passion for the integration of technology to build relationships would help more people by focusing on helping real estate agents grow their businesses. Together, with her husband, they created, a business focused on bridging the gap between social media and reality, by helping real estate agents get the conversation started.

Does By Referral Only Still Work For Realtor Marketing

Does By Referral Only Work For Realtor MarketingMany of my Realtor friends are adamant Brian Buffini-ites or Joe Stump-ites who are committed to the referral model of lead generation (I don’t say marketing because it is not as pro-active as real marketing-marketing).

For those of you who aren’t aware of Joe Stumpf and By Referral Only or Brian Buffini and his Referral System are based on the premise that if you have a core group of advocates in your database (I seem to remember that 600 was listed as a good amount), you can communicate your value proposition (that you work by referrals) and get a six figure income without ever having to sell or market your real estate business.

I am not sure that this works for me personally (I am an introvert and marketing peep) but I think it bears looking at the pros and cons to ignoring marketing to the masses and simply communicating with people who are already in your sphere.

Here are some of my impressions about by referral only marketing….

It worked better when there was less noise

Years and years ago (like in the early 2000’s) I worked for a gal who was a huge Buffini fan. She worked his system religiously, sending out 100 flyers each month to her “A” people and making her phone calls. I found it telling that she skipped the email part because she was technologically challenged and so was missing communicating with people who were less talky-talky and more business oriented.

Fast forward to today. Not only do we have email to bother us, we have Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, texting and about a million other things trying to get our attention. I have LOTS of Realtor friends that I communicate with on a daily basis and so would not be a great candidate for a referral based system like these (I would not think of someone who had sent me a newsletter, I would jump on Facebook and ask if anyone knew a good Realtor where I had a referral).

Referral based lead generating is great for social people

I love my Mary Kay lady. She is actually a friend-friend and she is sorta-kinda doing the referral based or relationship based marketing thing. I am on her call or text list once per month and I am always happy to hear from her, BUT it doesn’t make me buy Mary Kay or think of people with a burning makeup desire because I am not a makeup person, nor am I social, nor do I like talking on the phone for “catching up”. I have a family that takes time, work that takes time and without a specific reason to chat, I am a schmoe.

That said, there are people in the world who LIKE to talk about their families and friends, what they are up to and how their jobs are going. If I was going to do referral based selling I would fill my database with social people who appreciate frequent communications.

People are bad at selling their own businesses, why do you think they can sell yours

Being in marketing, I spend lots of time talking to business owners who are trying to figure out how to market their businesses effectively. They are not comfortable with doing a 30 second elevator speech for their own businesses so I have to think that they are not going to be rock star sales people for someone else’s business.

But, talking about who to have in your database, if I was only marketing to 600 or so people I would DEFINITELY target connectors. These are the people who know everyone and who cannot help helping. For example, if you ask my husband about which computer to buy, he will send you a detailed email about the top three choices you could make, pricing structures and features and then he would never tell another soul about it. On the other hand, we have a friend who is a connector! She is constantly on the lookout for who she can hook up where and is a referral giving machine. SHE would be in my database along with about 599 just like her!

It is kind of a cop out

Having worked with hundreds (almost 1,000) small business owners and Realtors, I can tell you that the lure of being able to grow your business effortlessly working with just friends and socializing to grow your business is a strong attractor! I do a questionnaire when I get a new coaching client and if I see that they are only interested in relationship marketing and helping people, I can almost guarantee that their business is not making much money.

Having clients who love you and helping others is a great goal, unfortunately as a Realtor your job is not to help. It is to represent your clients in a professional manner with integrity AND MAKE MONEY. There I said it! If you are in business, your job is to make commissions! If you are commission based sales person (like most Realtors are), your livelyhood depends on being able to sell (sell yourself, sell properties and sell your buyers’ offers).

Some people are ROCKING this type of lead generation

Now, all that having been said, there are people out there who are working the system. They are making calls, sending emails, mailing their newsletters and basically just have committed 100% to this style of lead generation. I am an all-in kind of gal and it makes my heart sing to hear success stories from agents who are working the system. If this is you, please drop me a comment and let me know how it has worked for you!

Ignoring progress at your own risk

While I am not anti-referral based marketing, I am anti-referral based marketing ONLY. Having watched many systems and sites come and go, I am never comfortable with a “put all your eggs in one basket approach”. If you are doing the referral thing AND hooking up with them on Facebook AND making awesome videos that talk about local areas AND using your database in the crazy obsessive manner that it is intended AND sending birthday cards, etc. then you should be busier than a one-armed paper hanger. If you are not and just sending out newsletters with a “I am never too busy for your referrals” sticker, my guess is you might want to consider branching out!


Real Estate Marketing – Marketing For Sellers In A Hot Market

Real Estate Marketing - Marketing For Sellers In A Hot MarketReal estate marketing is all about change. A couple of years ago this post would have been how to get a buyer for your listing but the tides have turned and finding sellers is now the hot ticket item! This post will help you with your marketing for sellers in a hot market!

First off, if you are going to succeed in real estate you HAVE to be aware that sellers are a three-for. You will most likely sell their house and studies have shown that you will probably sell a couple of other houses to buyers. In fact, if you have a ton of listings it is almost impossible NOT to get buyers!

Here you go…my top tips for marketing for sellers in a hot market!

1. Have things to offer them on your website

I look at A LOT of Realtor websites and you know the first thing I see, big as life on almost every one? A huge “MLS search for homes” box. You do know that is prospecting for buyers right? What if they came to your site and you were different. You had three things right at the top that would interest them like a free report that gave “ten tips for selling their home in a hot market”, a free checklist that showed what remodeling costs got the most return and a free quote on how much their home could sell for? Don’t you think that that would let them know you were interested in working with them, instead of just looking for buyers?

2. Buyers buy houses but sellers buy marketing

Have a plan to market their house that includes more than just a sign in the yard and a listing in the MLS. Many of you who belong to big brokerages get your listing aggregated to multiple websites, let them know that. Also, post their home on Craigs List. But we are still in “normal” realtor territory here….how about having a Pinterest board with all of your listing, having open houses, compiling a REAL list of local realtors who you can send the listing out to, blast in on Twitter, take a video and put it on YouTube and Facebook.

It is not so much what you choose to do, just that you show them that you are aggressively trying to sell their house, not just idly sitting buy and hoping that some other agent will bring a buyer. Then LET THEM KNOW, we had listing letters that went out each week to let them know that their house had been listed in the MLS the first week, on our website the second week, on social sites the third week, etc.

3. Have LOTS of open houses

NO you are aren’t necessarily trying to sell the home you are in (I generally did open houses at OTHER people’s listings)…you are prospecting the “nosy neighbors” who come to them AND handing out invitations to houses ten up and ten down the block, letting them know you are having an open house and would love to show them around. Put these people in a database and drip on them until they are ready to sell thier home.

I always did two open houses a week, during drive time, 4 to 6. I still got the chance to meet the neighbors, my weekends were freed up and if someone stops on the way home from work you KNOW they are interested in real estate some how, some way or they would be home making supper for their family!!!

4. Direct mail works

Now that everyone else has abandoned direct mail it is more powerful than ever. Most MLS’s allow you to print out labels for homeowners. Make sure you are careful to target homeowners who have lived in their property more than 5 years. You could send out: thinking of selling postcards, neighborhood sales stats, basically anything that would appeal to a home seller. Invite them to like your page on Facebook or connect with you on Twitter for bonus points!

5. Stop following the herd

Okay, this is the last one I promise! Stop doing what all the other Realtors are doing. Somehow, somewhere real estate pros were convinced that there was “real estate marketing” that is different from regular marketing. Real estate marketing is JUST like regular marketing, no recipe cards, no football schedules (I cannot tell you how many listings I took with someone else’s calendar on the fridgie – they wanted a kick ass marketing realtor, NOT one that sent them recipe cards!) Look around to other industries in the area and see what is working for them! Get a door hanger on YOUR door, find out what company does them and blast out your message that way. Thinking you need a realtor website? Instead get an internet marketing website with data capture and start sending emails! Basically, if someone trys to sell you realtor marketing, RUN the other way fast and start doing real marketing today!!

want more great info like this? make sure to sign up for our FREE realtor marketing club!!!


Real Estate Marketing – The significance of social media in your Real Estate business

Real Estate Marketing - The significance of social media in your Real Estate businessToday we pleased to present a guest poster with lots of great ideas, do’s and don’ts for your real estate marketing business!

Are you a realtor? Are you engaged with social media marketing?

Don`t ever dare to take this marketing tactic lightly. This is the most valuable and could be the toughest tactic that you can use to increase your sales.

When we talk about online promotions and advertising, social media can`t be neglected. Social networking sites are gradually becoming a part of our lives in professional and non-professional manner. A few sites like Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Linkedin are the most popular networking sites for free and paid promotion of your stuff. These sites are now becoming a requisite part of every famous business website in the form of widget or button.

In late 2010, social media was popular only for chat and casual hangouts, but with the passage of time people started promoting their business pages for generating more revenue and to keep in touch with their clients.

Why Real Estate Specifically?

Just like all other businesses, real estate also requires social networks for promotion. I believe personally that the people engaged with the real estate business prefer to be the part of social media more, as compare to the others. The reason is may be the emergence of online estate agents (which saves time and money) and the downfall of high street agents. With this increase in quantity, now 84% of the real estate agents using social media to promote their business. Check out the chart below:

Percentage of people using social media sites

The comfort Level:Check the comfort level of people with social networks:

The comfort level of people using social media

Likes and Shares:

Getting likes or shares is easy for those are who are spammers. They simply buy likes and shares and get excited to see the number of likes on their pages.

But be careful of overdoing this or you will be caught for sure…

Do`s and Don`ts:

In the fervor of promoting your business and the struggle to be at the top of Google ranks, people sometimes behave in a very bad manner. Remember! Social media is not a magic. You are bound to keep following a few rules and regulations while promoting your business online.

The very important Do`s


Are you a Realtor? Are you engaged with a social network? Have you created a plan to be famous? Wait a while and plan first! Planning is the backbone of your advertising campaign. Analyze what you have to do. What is your targeted social media network? Who is the targeted customer? As a working agent, I recommend you be a part of Facebook and Google Plus.

Real profile and Page:

In the coming time span this, is expected that social media and Google will be very strict about the real identity of the author. If you have not yet created a page on Facebook or Google Plus, now is the time to go for it. Remember to keep your face on the profile page and company`s real information on the page. If you are a Google Plus user, you must verify your business address and website. A verified business would have more chances of getting followers.

After doing all that please don`t forget to link your website and your social page. Rumor has it that coming soon, author rank will be helpful in boosting website rank.

Create Circles:

Adding many teens and students in your circles can never be beneficial for your business. Remember! Add only relevant people to your circle and do not just fill your friend list as a show piece.

If your business is already familiar in your area or you have a great list of clients, then you are the lucky one. You don`t have to add people, rather people will add you, but it can be tricky to create a relevant friend`s circle if you are new in business. Just remember to add a few every day and your numbers will rise in natural way.

Be Social:

Do not just add people and pages to your list, be a helpful agent for them. Help them if they are stuck into trouble (even if you are not their agent). Talk to them often and share something really cool on your page that could attract people. Don`t be a miser to like other`s stuff. Liking and following other can be beneficial for you as well.

Updates and More:

Keep updating your status often. To promote your business, upload pictures and projects that you have recently done. Create Poll, quizzes, events and competitions and engage other people with your network.

More Important Don’ts

All those things you have to do to get famous on social media are significant to know, but those that you should not do are more important than that. Because you can get famous by following these Do`s but at the same time, can fall from the top by not following the Don’ts.

Too quick in building your network:

You have joined social network? It is natural that you are need to take a few days or moths to spread your circle. How can it happen that you suddenly get 1000`s of likes and friends in a single day when you join. Be natural and don`t try to perform magic tricks by purchasing friend list or sending friend requests bombardments. Usually, all social networks have filters meaning that you cannot add too many friends in a single day. If you do this, you would be banned from sending friend requests for few days.

Stay on topic:

If you want to promote your name as a Real estate agent, you have to talk most often about real estate topics. A visitor on your page should be able to guess at one glance that you are who you are and that you are in real estate.

Remember! All your games and other non-real estate activity will appear on your wall.

Sharing your page link for no reason:

Sharing the link of your website is a good thing for promotion, but doing this for no reason would be the worst thing ever.

Example: A post was updated on a page of Selena Gomez about her latest tour of Miami tour. You commented: Please like us

This action would bring few likes to your page, but all these likes would be spam and useless. Also you would be blocked by the page admin soon.

Stick these Do`s and Don`ts with your business. Don`t get greedy for promotion but be calm and sensible. Success that comes slow can stay in your hands for a long time.

About the Author:

marryMary is passionate for writing blogs specifically for Property Management and Marketing issues. Currently she is working on online marketing campaign of Red Brick Management Limited.