Real Estate Marketing To A Farm Ebook

Real Estate Marketing To A Farm

Real Estate Marketing To A Farm: How To Find, Grow and Reap The Benefits of a Geographic Farm Find out tips and strategies to cultivate a successful real estate farm area. While researching for this title, we were surprised to discover how little real information there is out there about how to farm a neighborhood. […]

Real Estate Marketing – Here Are The Two Reasons Your Blog Posts Aren’t Bringing In Leads

Real Estate Marketing - Two Reasons Your Are Not Getting Leads

Want to know why your blog posts aren’t bringing in leads for all your real estate marketing efforts? Oh, they may be bringing in traffic, but are they bringing in leads? Too much traffic and not enough leads. Not a great problem to have. I’d rather be on the not much traffic but a ton […]

Does By Referral Only Still Work For Realtor Marketing

Does By Referral Only Work For Realtor Marketing

Many of my Realtor friends are adamant Brian Buffini-ites or Joe Stump-ites who are committed to the referral model of lead generation (I don’t say marketing because it is not as pro-active as real marketing-marketing). For those of you who aren’t aware of Joe Stumpf and By Referral Only or Brian Buffini and his Referral […]

Real Estate Marketing – Marketing For Sellers In A Hot Market

Real Estate Marketing - Marketing For Sellers In A Hot Market

Real estate marketing is all about change. A couple of years ago this post would have been how to get a buyer for your listing but the tides have turned and finding sellers is now the hot ticket item! This post will help you with your marketing for sellers in a hot market! First off, […]

Real Estate Marketing – The significance of social media in your Real Estate business

Percentage of people using social media sites

Today we pleased to present a guest poster with lots of great ideas, do’s and don’ts for your real estate marketing business! Are you a realtor? Are you engaged with social media marketing? Don`t ever dare to take this marketing tactic lightly. This is the most valuable and could be the toughest tactic that you […]

What Is A Real Estate Marketing Autoresponder or Drip Campaign

Flow Chart Autoresponders Real Estate

Sometimes we are asked about a real estate marketing autoresponder or drip campaign. It is something that is thrown about at marketing events but rarely do you get a soup-to-nuts, why should I do this kind of explanation  Hopefully this post will help clear that up! What is the difference between an autoresponder and a drip […]

Real Estate Marketing – What Should You Send In Your Email Newsletters?

Real estate marketing - What to send in your email newsletters

We work with a lot of our clients on real estate marketing and specifically their real estate newsletters. There are some basic truths about newsletters like open rates, content, and click through rates that many Realtors either don’t know about or focus on. Today is the day! You are reading this and we are going […]

Real Estate Marketing – Tips For Listing Agents, Writing Your MLS Listing

Direct Sales Marketing – How To Use A Database To Increase Your Leads and Make More Money

Back in the old days of real estate marketing, it was all about bus benches, big hair and driving around in a convertible showing houses and schmoozing! Today’s real estate marketing is all about the internet and getting your name and listing information out there! So what does the world of sexy internet marketing have […]

Using Video In Your Real Estate Marketing

Real Estate Marketing - Videos on your website

So you are thinking of implementing video in your real estate marketing mix and have no idea where to get started…here is one of my favorite agents and how she is rocking the video in her marketing… Easiest way to use video: On your website or blog First off, you DO have a website or […]

Real Estate Email Marketing – Prospecting Sellers

Real Estate Email Marketing – Prospecting Sellers

Email marketing is MADE for real estate sellers….:) These little creatures rarely come into your orbit right when they are ready to put their house on the market. Instead they show up after they hired the worst agent in the area, 2 years before they are going to list or some other non-convenient for you […]

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