Why Infusionsoft!

Why choose infusionsoft - free demoSo, over here at the M&M Monsters, we do a lot marketing! We have products, events and free offers to get people into our sales funnels and overwhelmingly we recommend Infusionsoft for your internet marketing needs.

What We Use Infusionsoft For

Let’s get right to the point, we use Infusionsoft as the hub for our multiple websites, social media sites and more! Here are just a few of the things that we do with it:

  • Event Marketing
  • Free Offers
  • Sell Products
  • Email Newsletters
  • Video Emails
  • Networking Followup
  • Affilate Marketing

Event Marketing With Infusionsoft

We LOVE Infusionsoft for event marketing!

Whether we are doing a small training event or a huge networking event, using Infusionsoft to capture signups, sort into categories (called tags) and send followup reminders helps us to get butts in seats.

A couple of things I forgot to mention in the video; you can also COPY the campaigns so you don’t have to do them over from scratch each time and also there is a spot on the dashboard where you can put a quicky widget so you can see your event count at a glance (I use that one all the time!)


Free Offers With Infusionsoft

Free offers are not just for internet marketing, they are for small business owners who want to grow a list!

Now-a-days no one wants to get more emails so offering a free newsletter or “join my mailing list” will not be a big enough push to get them to sign up for your email list. Today you MUST offer them something that is AMAZING and which will cause them to WANT to be in your database.

A couple of things I forgot to mention in the video; first, you need different offers for different parts of your business. In the example in the video, Deb offers For Sale By Owner customers a free video series. If she was prospecting for buyers, that would not work as an amazing offer so she would have to offer something like a free relocation guide or something else that buyers would want.

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Selling Products With Infusionsoft

If you are looking for a big ecommerce solution or even just to be able to sell some stand alone products, we utilize the ease of having your shopping cart and email database integrated into the mix!

We find that lots of our small biz owners don’t NEED to have merchant accounts that work online. They can use Paypal to take payments and then transfer those funds to their “real” banks (that is what I do!). With Infusionsoft, you can set up products, take payment and THEN followup with a series of emails talking about other products they might like, your services or just pop them on your monthly newsletter list to keep them in the loop and you top of mind!



Email Newsletters and Video Emails

Oh now it is getting good! This is where Infusionsoft shines. You can truly make a connection with your “peeps” by staying in contact with them from the first thought they have of buying, right up to the time they pull the trigger and get out their credit card.

One of the best things about Infusionsoft is that you can make video emails and your email newsletters look professional and amazing without having to spend days or weeks to get them looking good! Because the whole setup is drag and drop so you don’t have to be a programmer to be able to make changes and add stuff easily!



Networking Followup

Now let’s talk about that stack of business cards sitting beside you on your desk, or in your purse or in your suit coat. If you are attending networking events and not putting those people into a database, you are wasting your time!

EVERY time you get a business card you should be putting them into your database AND sending them a followup series (BONUS points if you are sending video emails so they can see your face again and remember why they like you!)

Affiliate Marketing

Man, we LOVE Infusionsoft for affiliate marketing! Our entire M&M Monster site is based on getting people into our database, getting them great information and then presenting them with offers. Now, what we understand is:

  • Everyone will not buy something! We are not trying to get every person to buy one thing, more-so we are trying to get enough people into our database that some of them will buy something.
  • We have to keep refining and refining what we are offering versus our free offers and who we are attracting. That said, if we get a bunch of people that don’t quite match what we are talking about, we might consider a pivot to offer them something that they would like!
  • We have targeted sales channels that we like (real estate, marketing, direct sales, professional services, etc.)

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BONUS – if you buy from our site, you will get a FREE 1 hour consult with
BOTH the M&M Monsters – a $247 value!

Marketing and Media Monsters Launch TODAY!

Marketing and Media MonstersWe (Tara Jacobsen and Rebekah Welch) are SO excited to announce the Marketing and Media Monsters! We have been besties for a while, looking for something to do that would combine my marketing skills with her event planning and media chops. With that in mind, we are launching the Marketing and Media Monsters TODAY!

To start, we are going to training videos where we talk about hot marketing topics of the day. Then we are going to tell you HOW to use them and recommend resources that can help you complete your goals!

WE KNOW how busy you are an that information comes at you fast and furious. Some of you may have bought or even just given time to classes and training that hasn’t produced any results and worse, cost you money. That is all over! If you need a good recommendation for a certain type of product, we can research them for you and tell what is worth your time and what is a wah, wah, wah dud! We pay for the first copy of many training programs out of our own pockets so we know that it is not just “spin” but the real deal that will help your business get more customers and make more money!

PLEASE leave us a comment below if there is something that you are curious about so that we can help! Sometimes it is just a simple question that we can handle in a blog post, but oftentimes we will find out the best possible solution for you and get you to the right resource to move you on to the next step!