Email Marketing – How To Make Sure It Gets Opened and Read

Email Marketing - Making Sure It Gets Opened and ReadEmail marketing is alive and kicking! Keep your peepers opened for our post about the Obama campaign and how they turned a really cool database into our next president (you may not like the outcome, but as a marketing peep, you should like the technology!)

Enough about a great marketing campaign though! What if you are just starting out or trying to finess your emails so that they get opened and read?

Our emails for the MandM Monsters are opened at a rate of about 60%…that is REALLY good. Do you know why our open rates are so good? A couple of reasons:

  1. The Marketing Monster (Tara) makes sure the opening line and the preheader (just learned what that was called today) are a combination of informative and interesting
  2. We ONLY send out the best of the best of our posts…not to say all of our stuff isn’t great, BUT there are some that are email worthy and some that are, how can we say this, not so much…:)
  3. Lastly we have HIGHLY segregated our list so that people who are in real estate get real estate “stuff”, marketing people get marketing “stuff”, etc.

So let’s break this down….

Email Subject Lines

There are a number of ways to look at your email subject lines (click here for a list of 100 Great Email Subject Lines and why they work!) Should you use a standard system, an eye catching one or even add some personalization by including the person’s name? I tend to think that having great content and a reasonable subject line make it less of a crap shoot that they will delete me (plus I am pretty serious about marketing and like to make sure to provide value). Our last two emails were titled:

  • [Retail Store Marketing] How To Use Pinterest To Get More Customers (66.67% open rate)
  • [Direct Sales Marketing] Using Autoresponders In Your Direct Sales Business (60% open rate)

As you can see, there is no ambiguity, they know it is about their industry and they know if it is going to be something that they are interested in! There are also special characters (the brackets) that help them stand out from all the other emails in our peeps’ inbox.

Calls To Action

Another thing we do in our emails is provide people with additional resources (like we did with the 100 Email Subject Lines info above). Our readers know that we only recommend products and resources that we know and love ourselves so we are EXTREMELY confident that they will love them too.

THAT is the biggest asset we have, a strong list of people who really believe us because we have never let them down!

Do I think that you should grow a big list? YES! Do I think that you should ever once compromise your integrity by sending that list something that you don’t believe in? Not just no but HELL NO!

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