FREE Webinar – Fixing Follow Up Failure – How to Convert your Lead Graveyard into a Gold Mine

Free Marketing Webinar - Dave ShermanThe first time I heard this guy I speak I fell in love! He was on a webinar with techy guys and stated, “your websites suck!” That was it, I fell for Dave Sherman on the spot!

We are so pleased that Dave agreed to give a webinar with us about fixing followup failure. Just this week I had that “punch you in the gut moment” when I realized I had forgotten to follow up on a lead and that I had probably lost that sale….sigh. It happens to all of us sometimes but what if you could live in a world where it happens less…or what about never?

I want to live in that followup Utopia!

Join Dave Sherman of Infusionsoft and the M&M Monsters for a power packed hour of pure information! I am not sure Dave knows what is in store…:) We are going to GET THE BEST TIPS on how to create a system for fixing our followup!

FREE Webinar June 13, 2013
Fixing Follow up Failure… How to Convert your Lead Graveyard into a Gold Mine

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If you are like most businesses, you waste well over half the business leads you generate every year. These leads either get one call and done, get some lame email back and never hear from you again or they are completely ignored. Think about how much time and money was spent to generate these leads. Imagine the impact on your business if you could close an extra 50% of these wasted leads (heck WHAT IF YOU COULD CLOSE JUST 20% MORE OF THOSE LEADS!). If you want to make the most of every lead you generate, make sure you attend this workshop.

You will learn the tips, tools and techniques necessary to potentially double your sales by closing a much higher percentage of your business leads. Here is some of what you will learn:

  • The #1 reason why you are wasting so many leads and how to fix it!
  • How to make sure no leads fall through the cracks so that you can make more sales
  • Understand the systems that successful marketers use to master the followup and close more business
  • How to automate your new follow-up process to save time (that you can use to get more leads!)
  • and so much more!

If you would like to experience revenue growth like you have never experienced before, join the M&M Monsters and Dave Sherman from Infusionsoft for this free webinar.

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Dave Sherman Webinar - Followup FailureWe only recommend the most amazing products that we use in our business! This WILL NOT be a pitchfest. Dave gives great information and brings a HUGE wealth of knowledge. In fact, at a recent event we attended with him, he blew away his sales goals on the FIRST DAY of a three day event!

This free marketing webinar WILL give you tips and tricks on followup, exact strategies to use and some new ideas that could make you money and stop that sick feeling when you realize dropped another lead!

If you have any questions about the webinar, please shoot us an email mandmmonsters (at) or give me a jingle 727-415-9165…:)

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