Metaphysical Marketing – How To Automate A Marketing Plan

Metaphysical Marketing – How To Automate A Marketing PlanWe think metaphysical marketing is one of the harder disciplines. Not only do you have to get your message out, but you have to sometimes convince someone on the fence that all that woo-woo stuff actually works. In the normal course of marketing, someone has to see your message at least 8 times to notice it and add the challenge of converting the semi-unconvinced and you have a recipe for a long hard haul.

So how do you set up a marketing plan that will 1) attract the people who are ready, willing and able to buy PLUS 2) educate the on-the-fencers enough to get them to commit? You have to automate your messages over time so that they build up a trust factor!

We use InfusionSoft for our email marketing and recommend it for you too, so these examples will show the back end of my marketing system. You COULD do this with a littler system like Gmail or Constant Contact, but if you are serious about marketing and making money (ESPECIALLY if you are going to be selling online courses or info products) you NEED a robust system. Enough of the sales talk, on to what to do!

Infusionsoft - Enter the sales funnelSo, say meet someone who seems interested in your practice. They mention a problem and you KNOW you can help, if only they would understand how you can make it happen. They could find out about you by:

  • attending a networking event
  • finding your website
  • seeing you on a social networking site
  • referral from a friend
  • paid advertising
  • attending a free event
  • seeing a youtube video
  • hearing an interview or radio show

The very next thing you need to do is drive them to some kind of data capture so you can get their contact info and have them in your database. We do this by saying “go to and click on the join our club link”. That takes them to a form that they can enter their information in on. The cool thing about using a robust database system is that they will build that form for you!

So now they are in the system, what the heck should you do? First off, we LOVE a welcome email with an embedded video that talks about how nice it was to meet them and then gives them a great tip. DO NOT forget that everyone is running the “what’s in it for me channel” in their heads all the time and they will switch you off like a light switch if you start selling, selling, selling at the start!

Tip or trick that you know that they can do themselves. Sometimes it is easier to understand another industry so here is my best example…my husband and I use and recommend a local electrician company because one time we called and they diagnosed the problem (a tripped GFI switch) over the phone for free. You want to provide them with something wonderful that will make them think, dang that was good, better watch out for the next email.

This one could be a “what is wrong with you” email. Not that you will phrase it that way! In this one, you want them to start thinking about their life and what is going wrong. People who are blissful in their business do not hire me, people who want more customers or easier systems or to get time with their families do. Think about what your customers need and give them some of your best ideas about how to fix what ails them (more about your best tips below).

Client case studies. OH OH OH, humans love stories. ESPECIALLY stories about how adversity is overcome. So paint a picture of your “hero”, actually your client, facing a challenge, floundering around for a bit, finding you, healing and coming out on the other side stronger than ever!

Testimonials. You want to phrase this as a humble email and that you just want to show how some of your people have been helped by using your service. REMEMBER, there are bad people out there and if you are not following up to help your “peeps” someone else may get a hold of them without your honor and integrity.

What I Do. This is where it starts getting good. You have provided great info and stories and have built up some trust. NOW you need to tell them what you can do and how you can help them. Another great story is my accountant (who doesn’t even email). So my husband and I were looking for someone to sell us Life Insurance, we got a referral and got it through a lady who now calls me constantly and annoys the heck out of me. Come to find out, our AMAZING accountant sells life insurance, but because he has no system for communicating with his clients, we had no idea and wound up with the calling lady.

Free Consult. If they have been around this long, something that you are saying is hitting a nerve. It might be time to offer them a free 15 minute phone call with you to talk about their problems (NOT and how you can help!) This is about them and whatever you can do to help them without any expectations of anything being bought. This is the part about giving your best stuff away for free. I give my best stuff, like this blog post, away and know that the universe will give me back customers and sales in spades!

Any Questions. You are here for them and ready to answer any questions they may have. Some of them probably do not feel good about getting the free consult so give them the option of asking a question on your blog, facebook page or even an email question. You will be surprised what they ask and it will add to the arsenal of the the things you talk about in the sales process.

Newsletter. At this point you are done with the intro emails. You might want to seque them into another set of emails based on their actions (like they opened the free consult but didn’t open the what I do email) or you might just want to let them fall into your email newsletter list and touch them once or twice a month with you newsletter.

BONUS. I think that there is something very powerful about having the ability to connect across multiple channels. What about an email that is about “seeing you around” where you send your Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. and ask them to join you there also. It is the constant drip, drip, drip of great information that will make them want to work with you!

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