Networking Marketing – 5 Reasons Why Networking Does NOT Work

We are big networking marketing kids! Rebekah (the Media Monster) owns a networking group and Tara (the Marketing Monster) talks at networking groups at least 6 times per month. With that in mind, we were super happy to have a guest post from James Klingensmith, leader of the Denver Leads Group, I Take The Lead!

Networking Marketing – 5 reasons why Netwoking does NOT work

Owning a networking group, I see many “techniques” used by people who are just getting into the networking game. There are some that work well, but if you do ANY of the following you WILL NOT get any business from Networking.

  1. No Follow up… ¬†for every brand new person you meet, it takes at least 8 contacts¬†before they can even start to know how to help you
  2. Still wearing your sales hat…. NO ONE LIKES BEING SOLD, however most everyone likes to help, if you take off your sales hat you may get more business than you ever thought possible
  3. Talking to much…. YOUR mouth is the BIGGEST hole in your body, keep it shut and listen to others!
  4. OVER THINKING…… It’s not brain surgery, you build relationships the SAME thing way did on the playground as a 5 year old kid, either they want to play with you or they don’t, it’s that easy!
  5. Not giving second chances… No one is perfect and EVERYONE will disappoint you at one time or another, always give people the benefit of doubt and know it is okay to give a second chance

Bonus Networking Marketing Tip!

Networking Question:

Q: How much should you tell a brand new person you just met about your business and what you do?
A: As little as possible, only share one little tiny benefit of what you do! Remember, it took you months and years to learn everything you know about your business and to become the expert you are. Trying to wow them with all your products and services at a first meeting will almost guarantee there is no second chance to make a great impression.

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