Retail Store Marketing – How To Use Pinterest To Get More Customers

Retail store marketing is ALL about the visual! People come into your store to “look around”. If you ask them if they need help they say they are “just looking”. So, to start, let’s talk about visual learners and what that means to your sales!

Visual learning, according to that nice Wikipedia, is defined as “a teaching and learning style in which ideas, concepts, data and other information are associated with images and techniques. It is one of the three basic types of learning styles in the widely used [1] Fleming VAK/VARK model that also includes kinesthetic learning and auditory learning.”

Retail Store Marketing - Using Pinterest To Get More CustomersLet’s just take the part of that that makes the biggest impact…information is associated with images…

So your store is full of potential images (pictures). When a customer sees your store in person or online, it evokes a feeling – happiness, calm, peace, excitement, anticipation. The benefit you have in-person is that they can experience all of the other senses too like smell, touch and sometimes even taste!

So how do you present your retail store marketing in such a way that people can “look around” without being there? One AMAZING new way is to use the power of Pinterest (a visual social media sharing site – click the link to check out our MandM Monsters Pinterest boards!)

That is all well and good, but what EXACTLY should you be posting on the Pinterest to make the most of your retail store marketing efforts?

  • Shop pictures
  • Pictures of your products (Pinterest ENCOURAGES selling, unlike the big blue social network who will remain unnamed!)
  • Staff photos
  • Customer photos
  • Pics of your weekly sales

Seriously, the list goes on and on! The best part is that these do not have to be professional photos, nicely taken and well thought out is good enough. Professional photos can seem to “advertising” and might even turn off someone who was thinking of checking out your store!

Thanks to one of our favorite retail stores for the great picture, The Enchanted Spirits Shop, where Tara (the Marketing Monster) gets all of her magical rocks!

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