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Small business marketing is moving aggressively toward visual media. For my small biz peeps who might not know what that means, we are talking about stuff you look at like photos, infographics, videos, etc. I have a prediction that within 3 years (more like 2 by now) every first contact you will have with a company will be something short, sweet and visually appealing.

When business owners ask me which social media they should use, my first answer is YouTube followed shortly by Pinterest. Now, YouTube (which is owned by the Google) is a GREAT bet and Pinterest has a great early mover advantage in the photo organizing space. If I was a betting gal (and I am) I would ALWAYS bet on Google before any other player at the table.

Soooo…what are some good examples of visual marketing?

YouTube Videos

Visual marketing YouTubeYouTube is the most powerful of the visual media. There are many different ways you can use it like taking videos of yourself, video testimonials of your customers, doing screen capture trainings, etc. If you are not currently using this powerful medium, make sure that you are making the habit of doing videos NOW when the playing field is still relatively clear.

Handwritten Doodles

Visual marketing doodlesI am a HUGE fan of using your handwriting and doodles in you marketing. This is a great example of how InfusionSoft uses the doodles one of their executives draws. The effect is MUCH more powerful than it would be if it was an illustration drawing instead of being hand drawn. See the doodle in action in their “Lifecycle Marketing Workbook


Visual marketing infographicData on a chart is not that interesting, although it can be necessary. Information presented in a visual manner can be VEY interesting and can even spark a great post idea like this one! Seeing the infographic, Visual Gold inspired this post as I saw how they had laid out the data about presenting content in a visual way. A great place to find good examples and even make some of your own is

Pinterest Pins

Small Business Marketing - Visual MediaPinterest pins can come in all different varieties, from informational to beautiful and everything in between. We use pins like these to label our posts so that we can “pin” them with the article title, you could pin pictures of your clients, products or befores and afters. There are literally myriad ways to compose something that you could use to represent your company or concept visually.

Hopefully seeing some of these ideas will prompt you take a closer look at visual media in your small business marketing efforts.

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